eThe Promise Promise

The Minstril

Ruminaja Ali


El Thay Tohfa






Durreyet Albadeia

L.Arab Monisa

Lathim El Shaklan



Ja’kheel  was born at Ja’Arabians fit and well 19th July 2006 . We cannot quite believe the luck we have this summer. Ja'kheel is a copy of his sire, The Promise in colour , head, body and expression. Amazing. He has lots of attitude from the very birth.

Ja'kheel is bearing mostly Egyptian bloodlines with a little touch of El Shaklan. It may have its dark colour from both Tamara , Bahila and Anas.But the pedigree really bears alot of grey.  As it is Kaheela's first foal we did nok really know what to expect, but this is far over our wildest dreams. This is top quality!


The way Ja'kheel develops we find him to be of breeding and show quality. We are very very proud of this little stallion to be. Top photos are from May 2009 and just above from  late September 2007.





                                   Two days old.....Kaheela watching over him -closely!






                                           Halters are just not acceptable!!


                          Selfconfident and very macho - Ja'kheel  around 10 weeks old.



           The Promise

The Promise ( The Minstril x El Thay Tohfa )