Photo credit Julie Agersten July 2007

eThe Promise Promise

The Minstril

Ruminaja Ali


El Thay Tohfa



EH Ghazia

AK Sirhalima

Ansata Ibn Halima




El Garia


Ja’ziah  was born at Ja’Arabians fit and well at 22:45  8th  July 2006 . We cannot quite believe the luck we have with all these fillies.

She is a pearl of pure SE grace! She has the white markings in her head like her femaile tale ; Like Ghazia has and Gharibah had it too.

And her Sire The Promise as well . He also gave her white on the upper lip. Ja'ziah also has a stribed hind hoof from out of nowhere !

She is  "mousebrown" on the lower body -but  we'll have to wait and see about how the coulor becomes.

It seems she is very dark underneath .Ja'ziah takes after her damlines as well as her father's sisters very much. 

Her change in colour can be seen on the next photos.She is here below a beautiful black bay yearling filly:

















                                                            July 2006 - her first week.


                                                    Ja'ziah 4-5 weeks.




                                                   Above 3 year old Ja'ziah May2009 :


                                         The Promise

The Promise ( The Minstril x El Thay Tohfa )