We have  bought Sayana from Langwedel in Germany to be a SE broodmare at Ja’Arabians. Sayana is a bay mare from 1999. Her sire is the black U.P.-Sheitan. He is both ridden and took gold at show. Her dam is Saymona, who is after the famous Mohafez.

Sayana has a black genepool with her, together with lots of attitude and pride. She is 153 cm tall , straight Egyptian and fits into our breeding program very well. Sayana was bred to Halim El Dahab in 2005 for her fist foal. We hoped for black and got it :  Ja'sana , a black SE filly. So it full-filled our dreams.

Sayana is in foal again to our own SE stallion, The Promise for July 2007.

We are happy to have her among our horses at Ja’Arabians since May 2005.

Pedigree & Pictures


               Sayana at Amlet Arabians for breeding to Halim August 2004.

Sayana was bred to Halim El Dahab in september 2004. He has just been shown at the international A-show at Vilhelmsborg and had 86,80 points. Ja'sana  was born august 2005. It was first time for Sayana to nurse and be a mother.  Sayana had a black filly, Ja'sana, and a bay filly, Ja'smin. Sayana is in foal to The Promise for 2007